23rd January 2023: Spoken Hokkien Intermediate e-textbook newly published and launched today

26 June 2022: Spoken Chinese e-textbook now available from this site

The textbook Spoken Chinese, previously available from , is now available here on this Speak Taiwanese website.

13 February 2022: online payment system updated

From 4 to 12 February there was a problem with the online payment system; this has now been fixed.

November 2020: all audio free download coupon with ebook

The <i ebook now comes with a coupon (on the last page) with details for free download of all 61 MP3 audio files that accompany the lessons (in the form of a single 9MB Zip file).

23 May 2020: Errata

We have made a small number of minor corrections to the text and layout of the online version of Spoken Hokkien. For the details of the text corrections, see our errata document here [1 page, PDF].

24 May 2020: Audio

We are aware that at the end of this year Adobe is removing support for the Flash player that plays audio within the Spoken Hokkien ebook. We have already provided many Spoken Hokkien purchasers with complete sets of standalone MP3 audio free on request. 

We will continue to provide MP3 audio on request to people who have purchased the ebook PDF (see our Contact form).